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How to set up News Groups (Outlook Express)

You will need the login and password we supplied you with to do this.

In order to get started, you will need to select the Tools menu from the top left, then choose Accounts. Once the 'wizard' panel opens up, click the Add button and then the News option.

Step One: the "Your Name" screen. Please enter your full name in the "Display Name" box, and then click Next.

Step Two: the "Internet News Email Address" window will then appear. Enter your Web and Mail email address in the box titled " Email Address", and click Next.

Step Three: the "Internet News Server Name" window will then appear. The box titled "NNTP: News Server" should already have the name of the Web and Mail News Server entered. If not, please type in "news.webandmail.co.uk" and click Next.

Step Four: the "Friendly Name" window. The box titled "Internet News Account Name" should already be correct and have our name in it, so just click Next.

Step Five: the "Choose Connection type" window appears. Make sure that the box titled "Connect using my phone line" is selected. Click Next.

[ At this stage, if you haven't already selected the modem that you are using, the Wizard will then display a window named "Choose modem". You must be sure that the correct modem is highlighted in the drop down menu before proceeding ].

Step Six: the "Dial-Up Connection" window. Check that the box titled "Use an existing Dial-Up connection" is selected, highlight your connection name, and click Next.

Click Finish to complete the set up process.

Outlook Express may prompt you to connect and download new email (if there is any). You might see a connection screen titled "Select the connection you would like to dial". Make sure that your connection is selected from the drop-down menu before clicking OK. (If you don't wish to connect please choose the Cancel option.)

If you do choose to connect to UKU you will see a window titled "Connect to". Make sure the "Phone" option is set to <Default> before clicking OK. You will now dial into Web and Mail as normal.