Pay as You Go Dialup ISP

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UK ISP Provider

Dialup with a difference.

With our ISP service, you pay us absolutely nothing.

Want to connect to the internet for the cost of a local rate call? Pay as you Go dialup is convenient and cheap, because it is 'on' only when you want it to be. Unlike other types of connections that are always 'on' (even when you're not using them), with dialup you only ever pay for what you use.

So how does it work? Simple. All you need to do is plug your telephone line into the modem port on your computer, then dial the access connection number we will supply you with. That's it. You are now connected to the web through your telephone line.

There are no download restrictions, and you have as much or as little access as you want. When you want to close the connection all you do is hang up the phone.

And remember, our service is absolutely free! Your existing telephone service provider will charge you for the time you are online - at local call rate only. That means dialup access from just 1p PER MINUTE. There's no extra bill to worry about, no paperwork and no hassle. If you're a Windows PC user we even have a downloadable file that will automatically configure your computer for web access and email. You can sign up online now and be using our service in ten minutes.

and start enjoying free internet access.