Dialup Internet

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0845 Internet Access made easy.

If you're looking into dialup internet access here's why you should consider using Web and Mail...

There's no contract and no charge - our service is free to business and private users. You pay us nothing for your internet access; simply make a local rate (0845) telephone call to connect - that's as little as 1p per minute.

There's no connection cost - you simply pay for your internet access on your current phone bill. No extra paperwork, no hassle!

FREE email and web space - unlimited email accounts and your own web space.

No hidden charges, and NO spam - we don't send 'spam' emails to our members, nor do we sell email their addresses or personal information to others. Your details are confidential.

Round the clock support - you can call our technical support team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It's so easy - using our simple sign up form, you can be using our service within ten minutes.

So and start enjoying free internet access straight away!