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Unlock the power of ISDN today!

With a dialup connection, you access the internet through your telephone line. When you're online, your phone is engaged. However an ISDN connection consists of the equivalent of two separate phone lines, known as 'channels'.

Because these channels can work independently of each other, you can use the internet and your phone together. But that's not all : when your phone is not in use, the channels are combined, and connection speeds are doubled.

ISDN is obviously perfect for those who can't afford to miss phone calls when online, but increased connection speed has its own benefit - sending important documents quickly and securely, accessing interactive websites quickly. Once you start using a faster internet connection, you'll wonder how you ever did without it!

We offer ISDN access completely free! You only pay local call (0845) charges to your existing telephone provider for the time you spend online - as low as 1p per minute. That's it. No contract, no extra bill, no hassle - just fast, flexible web access.

Sounds good? Of course it does! Use our online form and

[ Not all phone numbers can be converted to ISDN. However we will check the suitability of the number(s) you want to be converted for you.]