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Using your free webspace

Step Two : uploading files to the webspace using CuteFTP 6.

Please note: you should already have 'turned on' your webspace. If you have not done this please read Step One of this guidance first.

Installing CuteFTP Version 6

You will see a window like the one below asking you to name the 'FTP Site'. Call this "My Web and Mail", and then click Next ;

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You then have to enter your 'FTP Host Address'. This is where your webspace is on the internet. Enter "websites.webandmail.co.uk" and then click Next ;

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Next you will be asked to enter your login details. For 'username', enter your Web and Mail username. However the password here is NOT the normal password that you use to access your webmail or login. Make sure that you enter the password you created when you turned on your webspace in Step One. Now click Next ;

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You will be asked for your 'Default Local Folder' (this means "where on your computer are the files that make up your website?") and 'Default Remote Folder' (this means, "where is the your webspace where the files need to go?"). For the time being ignore this (it is easier to set it later on once you understand better how CuteFTP works) so just click Next ;

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The next window requires no action - just click Finish to proceed.

Using CuteFTP to upload files

Please make sure that you are connected to the internet first.

The first time you open CuteFTP the 'Site Manager' window should open automatically. If it doesn't then you need to open it by clicking the icon in the top left corner.

Look at the image below of the 'Site Manager Window'. We have circled the following important points:

Label : "My Web and Mail Webspace" (marked '1'), is the CuteFTP definition of this particular connection. Use the New button (marked '2') to add more, or the Delete button (marked '3') to remove them.
Host Address : (marked '4') - this should read "websites.webandmail.co.uk"
UserID : (marked '5') - this should show your Web and Mail user ID
Password : (marked '6') - remember, this is the password you created when you turned on the webspace, NOT your normal Web and Mail password.
The Connect button (marked '7') - click this once you have entered all the other details and you will connect to your webspace.

(click to enlarge the image)

Now that you are logged into your webspace, you can upload your files. CuteFTP allows you to "drag and drop" files in the same way that you do in Windows. The left hand panel contains the files on your computer ('local' files) and the right panel contains the files in the Web and Mail webspace ('remote' files). Click on the file(s) you want to move and drag and drop in the desired location.

The example below shows a directory on a user's computer (1) and an image file that has been put into their webspace (2).

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How do I see the files I upload?

You will need to go to this web address :

http://www. (your 'Webspace Directory' name) .webandmail.co.uk

For example :

A user has named their 'Webspace Directory' mysite and they upload a page called home.htm. This can be seen online at